Najnowsze wpisy

03 kwietnia 2020, 13:22

I do not know about others, but I have just finished a run of 6 hours of quite demanding work. Online teaching, as opposed to physical classroom setting, keeps me on my toes constantly. Might be something to do with the unusual interactions, who knows... I can see he students' faces ahd hear their voices, but I lose most of body language and it is quite conceivable that my "perception channel" is going into overdrive trying to compensate for the missing data.

Anyways... guys, he weekend is almost here. Two days to dispose of anyway I like.

(Actually, not for me, I have some obligations, but I mean it generally)

Pandemia or not, hurray for the weekend - O My God It's Friday!


We think that we think clearly...
01 kwietnia 2020, 15:37

Three weeks gone and the hope that it will all be over soon is vanishing - soon there will be no shred of the initial excitement at the unexpected change of life. I know there was this feeling, that , naturally, the virus, the danger - but there is SOMETHING HAPPENING! Ayayay...

and now the "happening" turned into the "everyday brings something worse" and the situation has soured. It has finally dawned on the average teen-me (and a lot of adult-me's as well) that we are imprisoned in our houses/flats... spending more than the usual amount of time with the dearest who, when taken in an extra-strong  dosage, may still be dear, but get on our nerves about hundred times more than ever before.

Frustration boils over and - there should be some outlet. We are looking for outlets. 

Adult people around are convenient outlets and it is as it should be, that is one of their functions in critical times. I am remembering the tales of the war told by my parents, both sixteen years old in 1939. They did not know it then, how they used their parents to vent their negativity on. They have seen it - looking back, from the perspective of years and... from the safety of a peaceful country. 

It would be perfect if the frustrated shout for help was met with the invitation to a dialogue. Talking to the dearest brings hope...

How well informed should we be?
31 marca 2020, 09:07

So all the media are providing full coverage of coronavirus-news, complete not only with the (rising) number of fatalities, official information of the latest laws limiting our freedom to move about, but also "human interest" stories of mothers who unknowlingly infect their children because they had coffee with a chum who had happened to have visited a friend whose husband's work partner had traveled to Italy some weeks back...

Plus heart-rending warnings like the one recorded by Kasia Kowalska - who had to give permission to intubate her daugther over the phone, because Kasia is in Poland and her daughter is being treated in a hospital in England so obviously... Kasia cannot fly to be at her side in this critical time.

Question: is it really necessary to consume all of these?

Question: is your (teenage or adult, whatever) psyche ready to cope with the tsunami wave of fear-inducing snippets?

Question: how to ration our access to the media-pandemia-menu?

This weekend it all comes true
30 marca 2020, 08:55

Technically it was the third weekend of the "Life in times of Cholera" - since closing Polish schools. Probably the first one, though, when we really experience firsthand the changes, as the legal limitations have introduced real changes for millions of people. Until then - well, it was mostly quarantined unfortunates who knew how (apart from getting sick) the pandemia feels like. After all, who normally takes part in events where more than 50 people meet? 

But Saturday the weather was balmy, inviting for walks, for meeting friends. Suddenly you cannot meet friends. You cannot enjoy walking in major parks (which is true idiocy, since doctors insist we SHOULD get out and about, while the administration closes down numerous - and spacious! green areas). You cannot get on any public transport conveyance unless you luck out to find a seat between two unocuppied ones. If not, out you go (and start walking, friend - it is what doctors advise, after all).

Plus, the numbers grow and become uncomfortably close to your skin. You might want to visit relatives - but what were they up to during the week? Shopping, perchance? Therefore, one of them might be infected, though still thriving... and you could come back home invisibly changed... 

Discomfort. Awareness. Have we already started asking big questions: WHY did it happen to us/me?

How important is it to see each other?
27 marca 2020, 15:39

Today my first lessons with the Zoom platform. Videoconferencing, which means that I could see the students (they could see each other as well). Apart from praising Zoom (or its CEO) for reacting so quickly to the needs of the time by lifting the 40 minutes limit in the free version, providing school is the user  - so that we can hold longer lessons - apart from the technical ease with which the platform is handled - it is a bonus, to see. To hear. To react to the nuances of the face and the body. I was so thrilled, my eyes watered slightly - and I did not even try to hide it. 

Some of the students confirmed this feeling, saying in the after-lesson note that it was wonderful to be able to see. It made the school experience even more closer to "normality" for which we fight.

Do I regret that this pandemia made me learn new things? Not at all. I would probably never wanted to experiment with online work. I remember being loath to edit in google documents, when Obywatele dla Edukacji worked on some petition. Now I can do it easily, not because I learned, but because the inner unwillingness has been conquered.

That we will come oout of this purge changed, was clear from the beginning. Some aspects of the changes are beginning to get clearer...